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Blueprint Viewer (The Map)

The viewer comprises over 40 map layers related to Arizona’s hydrography, infrastructure, political and regulatory boundaries, critical habitat and augmentation concepts. Use the viewer to explore and visualize Arizona water topics:

  • Learn about proposed water projects: yield, costs, beneficiaries and viability
  • Select an area of interest and run data reports (e.g. irrigation districts within a watershed)
  • View past, current and projected water demand data
  • Take a virtual tour of Arizona’s water resources

Story Maps (Guided Tours)

Story maps combine map elements, data and other content to explain important water-related topics, policy and management issues:

  • Arizona’s Water Story
  • Rural Water in Arizona
  • Arizona’s Stream Adjudications: Moving Toward Greater Water Certainty
  • Water Augmentation Concepts
  • Water Reuse

Special Thanks

The Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute is particularly thankful for the work of two ASU graduate students studying geographic information systems, Jacob Perez and Nick Carroll. Both brought the skill and dedication needed to make the Blueprint what it is today.